The Forecasts for 2019

The trend of the Italian industry of the sector will remain more or less stationary in 2019, as highlighted by the forecast data processed by the Economic Studies Department & Business Culture of UCIMU. In particular, production should slow down its growth, increasing by 3.6% to 7,020 million euro; exports should reach the value of 3,900 million euro, i.e. 6.5% more compared with 2018. The export/output ratio is expected to grow to 55.6%.

Even consumption should be slower and attain 5,220 million euro (+1.1%), thus remaining on the same level as in 2018; the same trend will be experienced with regard to the manufacturers’ deliveries in the domestic market (3,120 million euro, +0.3%) and imports (2,100 million euro, +2.3%).