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MAKE was born from the experience of mechanical design engineers, developing a long term know-how, and from the technical and mechanical development in the production of highly precision machine tools, designed for boring and milling processes on metals. The team work is composed of highly skilled staff, employed for different tasks and working in a unique framework.
MAKE's strong point is the high competence of the staff that come from diversified experiences in projecting, production and assembly the machines tools.
The result is a machine, 100% made in Italy, with a thermo-symmetrical structure and double column that incorporates the central spindle (box in box system). This machine, with the new technologies taken from the market, represents the willing to progress and propose a new and efficient technical solution to the problems.

Our products range includes:
- T type boring machines HYDRA 110/130
- T type boring machines HYDRA RAM 130
- Floor type boring-milling machines ALTAIR 130/160
- Floor type milling machine ALTAIR HEAD

The design of these machines represents a proposal of highly innovative products for the client, the attention for the development of modules based on superior technologies permits to reach more advanced solutions.
In this way we can obtain personalized configurations to satisfy any kind of request of the market.