Zum Gebrauch der Marke befugtes Unternehmen
50 years, over 5000 machines produced and sold into 5 continents.
50 years dedicated to continued technology growth based on production equipment, in research and in people investment.
50 years when engineers with their ability, creativity and imagination have been able to build machines, plants and systems for sheet metal forming with the goal of giving customers a competitive advantage.
50 years on which the third generation of family Zaffaroni will build the future of ZANI.

In a continuously developing market, Zani provides the answer and technological growth for those who choose a Zani press. We offer a broad service due to our personal approach and design Know-How which pertains to the Company itself. Constant updating, dynamism and adaptability towards new market requirements, prompt and efficient response allows our customers to be fully informed. They can receive development and technical news results which have been tested in our research labs. Thanks to our careful approach towards every customer, Zani is the right partner for your expansion projects.

We are acutely aware that every customer is individual. For this reason Zani follows a special “customer oriented” approach, to know and share problems and peculiar demands by finding the most suitable solutions through targeted consultation. Thanks to our dynamic, technically skilled staff we design and manufacture machines, giving qualitative and quantitative first-class service. In fact, it is as a result of this careful and precise design, close time and methods management, and an analytical control programmed, that we are able to offer products of highest quality and specification.