The Structure

External Relations Department

In charge of communicating the values, the activities, and the initiatives of the association and the companies of the group.  It gives information relating to the sector, the projects, and the exhibition events promoted by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE. Promotes the visibility of the sector and the associate member companies, to which it also provides support and recommendations on specific communication issues.

Internal Relations and Association Development Department

This is the point of contact for associate member companies, who are ensured timely response to specific requests and needs.  It carries out activities aimed at improving the quality of the relationship between the company and the  association, promoting active participation to the life of the association.  It’s in charge of recruiting new associates, with the objective of strengthening the position of UCIMU at institutional level.

Administration Department

In addition to the administration and finance & control activities, it also works, sometimes with the support of field experts, for the acquisition of in-depth knowledge of tax and company ownership issues, providing the associates with support and recommendations.

Exhibitions Department

Organises and manages all the exhibition events promoted by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE: BI-MU, EMO MILANO, LAMIERA. It supports the participation of the delegations of Italian companies to some of the main international exhibition events taking place abroad.

Economic Studies Department

Provides timely information on all aspects of sector trends, at national and international level. Analyses the topics that are of main interest for companies, promoting the development of "Cultura di Impresa".

Marketing Department

The analysis of demand and international competition, in addition to developing projects and initiatives in support of internationalisation, are only some of the main activities carried out by the Marketing Department in support of italian companies.

Technical Department

It promotes actions in support of italian companies in the research, development and innovation fields. It carries out in-depth analysis on quality, regulations, industrial property, legislation, and export. Monitors the topics of national and international research projects, contributes to increasing the level of knowledge of R&D centres, with which it works both directly and indirectly.