Ucimu Mark

The UCIMU mark is a distinguishing sign of the most qualified production of the sector. Relating to the enterprise rather than the product.

Manifesto of the new UCIMU Mark

A company authorised to use the UCIMU mark intends to operate while devoting the utmost attention to: 

ENVIRONMENTAL Sustainability

  • By acting according to the principles of the circular economy, resource saving (energy, materials, etc.) and minimisation of environmental impact, also by developing machines, systems and components that enable its customers to follow a circular model for their value chain

 SOCIAL Sustainability 

  • By enhancing the value of human resources, creating a safe and healthy work environment, encouraging welfare and professional growth, (cooperating with schools, universities and professional training institutes);

  • By considering the design and development of safe and environmentally-friendly equipment and machinery as their maximum priority. 

GOVERNANCE Sustainability

  • By contributing to a sustainable and competitive growth of the company itself and of the Italian machine tool sector, developing innovative machines or systems, capable of creating added value from the transformations of materials , data and information into a digital format;

  • By acting ethically and in compliance with the laws in force and safeguarding the principles of free competition; managing the actions undertaken with regard to the issues of sustainability by an approach aimed at a continuous improvement, while adapting the company governance to ethical, social and environmental criteria.

 See the list of companies that have been granted the use of the UCIMU mark.

Presentation Green and Blue Action UCIMU Mark (6 October 2021)