Ucimu Mark


The UCIMU mark is a distinguishing sign of the most qualified production of the sector. Relating to the enterprise rather than the product, the UCIMU mark is granted to associate member companies that can demonstrate:

  • commercial reliability
  • financial solidity
  • maximum attention to safety and testing functions
  • customer care (following the Key Performance index method)
  • sustainable manufacturing

Blue Philosophy: the right path towards innovation

Committed to producing machine tools capable of operating in compliance with the requirements of their specific sectors, the mark companies that are granted the use of the are the expression of the Blue Philosophy, which ensures:

  • environmental compatibility,
  • economic development,
  • social responsibility.

Look for the UCIMU Blue Philosophy mark on the stands of Italian companies in all the main exhibitions of the sector.

See the list of companies that have been granted the use of the UCIMU mark.