Company authorized to use the mark
Dollmar Meccanica Srl was found thanks to chemical experience of the holding company – Dollmar SpA – specialized in the sectors of industrial washing and surface treatment.
The washing plants planned by Dollmar Meccanica are functioning with water-based solutions and are custom-made according to customers’ specific needs.
Over years, the division has amplified its own offer through the distribution of solvent-based metal washing machine and through the opening of a small department dedicated to the planning of robotized coating plants.
The group is also sensitive to environmental protection issues that are continually handled by EOS division. Consultancy services are provided in matter of existing rules, both national and European, related to workers’ safety, working environment, waste and VOC management, discharge of waste water and so on.
Dollmar Meccanica is symbol of technology and responsibility offering innovative technology, products based on specification and all the services dedicated to the world of metal cleaning.