PARPAS s.p.a.

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Manufacturing sector

Founded in 1951 by the two founders Parpajola & Pasquetto, Parpas S.p.A. has been successfull int he machine tool business manufacturing milling and boring machines with 3 and 5 axi, high speed and high power choosen by multiple worldwide companies to machine all different type of materials with high tech performances.
Since the beginning Parpas has been seeking for high tech solutions and using the most updated design instruments, the most advanced production means combined with the best quality control system, to ensure the Parpas products will delivery the top quality of the industry.
Parpas is exporting about 70% of its production and is reconized as worl leader in the high performance milling operations for aerospace/aeronautic, automotive, general machining and energy sectors.
Today Parpas delivers the most complete range of small, medium and very large sizes of machines.
PARPAS an ideal partner to face the continuous challenges given by competing in a global market.


United States