PROMAU s.r.l.

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47522 CESENA (FC)
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DAVI-PROMAU (born in the sixties) is, since many years, the largest manufacturer in the world of plate and angle roll and automatic rolling systems, in turnover, employees, production, assets, equities, rating (“Most Reliable Rating 1” awarded by Dun&Bradstreet).
Leader in Research, Development and Innovation, DAVI owns several Patents to lead the rolling industry.
Completely Made in Italy, DAVI state-of-the-art engineered machines are sold worldwide, with the highest technological content.
DAVI are the most sold huge “giant rolls” for manufacturing heavy-duty pressure vessels, boilers, energy applications (oil & gas and nuclear), for thickness between 40-50 mm up to 400 mm and more.
For lighter application, high-tech DAVI rolls, CNC controlled, are at the peak of the today industry; NASA Space Agency gave its “Appreciation Award” to the DAVI rolls, laser controlled, running in its Research Centers.
DAVI is the world leader in Wind Towers and Off-Shore, thanks to its patented “High Productivity Package” that enables the towers and piles manufacturers to greatly increase productivity, while ensuring the highest quality standards.
DAVI also offers a professional “customer care” service to answer to any need, anywhere in the world.