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4 generations of engineers
The company is proud to announce 81 years of business this year 2017.
The Robbi Family leads and develops the company thanks to 4 generations of family engineers
In the early 40’ the company developed a complete range of Engine Rebuilding Equipment (cylinder boring machines,line boring machines,cylinder honing machines,surface milling and grinding machines,crankshaft grinding machines)
Since 1985 the Robbi Group, strong of know how achieved with the Engine Rebuilding Equipment enters into the industrial market, with 3 principal lines:
- Vertical and Horizontal Precision Honing Machines, for hydraulic cylinders
- Crankshaft Grinding Machines, for large dimensions
- Universal Cylindrical Grinding machines
At the beginning, the company focus was on the production of Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machines. The results was : precise, strong and reliable machines and after almost 30 years many customers are still using these machines, with satisfaction
In the early 90’s the range of Semi-Automatic Cylindrical Grinding Machines was developed (PLC controlled machines).While towards the end of the 1990’s the CNC controlled machines were put in production
At the end of the 90’s the company starts to follow Special Projects, manufacturing bespoke machines for industrial companies(Universal Grinding Machines and Cylinder Honing Machines)
The ROBBI company supplies machines to the following industries : aerospace, automotive and precision mechanics,and in all fields where a high precision grinding process is required
Above all the portfolio of special projects realized is very wide, which includes external grinding machines with movable wheelhead and fixed table, internal grinding machines with base in granite and grinding machines for special materials
To not forget,the Horizontal Cylinder Honing Machine in which the company occupies a leading position
Precise and reliable machines are possible, thanks to a lean and flexible organisation