S.I.M.A.S.V. s.r.l.

Member Company
SIMASV was established in the mid-50s as a manufacturer of leather processing machines.

In 1962, after gaining a wealth of experience in the field, the company designed and built a hydraulic press with horizontally moving cylinder, suitable for cold bending sections and bars of various kinds.

These machines proved a veritable revolution in the field of cold deformation. Featuring extreme ease of tooling, they gave impetus to a large number of applications, which earned them the name of “universal presses” for their great versatility of use.

Subsequently, SIMASV broadened its range of horizontal presses equipping them with CNC control systems, and at the same time developed new machinery such as 3-roller hydraulic bending machines, as well as notching machines and sophisticated CNC sheet metal punching machines.

At the end of the 90s, SIMASV obtained the ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Certification in recognition of its commitment towards its many customers.

The range of products aims to provide an indispensable aid in very diverse fields: from mechanics to the building industry, from electrical engineering to the shipbuilding industry, from refrigeration systems to plant engineering, from door and window frames to residential, industrial and urban furniture, and many other sectors.

As a result of its continuous research and innovation, the company has obtained numerous patents which allow it to maintain a leading position in the domestic and international market.