Machine tool orders decrease in the first quarter of 2019 (-8.5%). (-8.2%) Foreign orders. (-9.8%) Domestic orders

30.04.2019 - ASSOCIATION

In the first quarter of 2019, the UCIMU index of machine tool orders showed an 8.5% decrease compared with the same period of the previous year. The absolute value of the index was 127.7 (base 100 in 2015). The overall outcome was due to the reduction registered in the collection of orders, both in the domestic and in the foreign markets.

In particular, foreign orders highlighted an 8.2% drop versus the period January-March 2018. The absolute value of the index stood at 124.3.

Even on the domestic front, the Italian machine tool manufacturers registered a downturn in the order collection, down by 9.8%, compared with the first quarter of 2018. The absolute value of the index was 129.1.


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