24.04.2018 -

Massimo Carboniero, President of UCIMU: “We are not worried about the slowdown in the orders collected in the domestic market. We expected that. It is the rebound effect of the extraordinary outcome achieved at the end of 2017, when everyone accelerated the race to investments, fearing that the Super- and Hyper-Depreciation incentive measures would not be confirmed”.

In the first quarter of 2018, the UCIMU index of machine tool orders went down, marking a 4.3% reduction compared with the same period of the previous year. However, the absolute value (base 2010 = 100) remained very high: 179.6. The slowdown in the orders collected by the Italian manufacturers in the domestic market was counterbalanced by the positive trend of the orders collected abroad.

In particular, the index of foreign orders registered a 7.6% increase compared with the same period of 2017, for an absolute value of 180.8. Such a high level has never been reached before. 

On the contrary, on the domestic front, the Italian manufacturers reported a 25.8% decrease versus the first quarter of 2017. The absolute value of the index was 175.3, i.e. 75 points above the average, thus confirming that the Italian market is still quite ready to invest.

Massimo Carboniero, President of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers' Association, commented: “We are not worried about the slowdown in the orders collected in the domestic market for two reasons. First of all, because the outcome of these first three months is clearly the rebound effect of the extraordinary exploits achieved at the end of 2017, when, fearing that the Super- and Hyper-Depreciation incentive measures would not be confirmed, the customers accelerated order issuing. Secondly, because the result is compared with a really striking first quarter of 2017”.

“In January, the order collection in Italy - continued Massimo Carboniero - has been weak, but already in the following months the situation has improved. However, now the expected recovery might be penalised by the political uncertainty that our country is encountering”.

“The uncertainty following the outcome of political elections of last March is not encouraging for entrepreneurs and especially for those who should decide whether to make investments of a certain importance. Therefore, we need a Government plan aimed at the competitiveness development of the manufacturing sector, always taking into account the positive results obtained in terms of reforms and provisions over the last years”.

“After all, even on the internationalisation front, UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE is committed to organising numerous initiatives aimed at supporting the presence of the sector "Made in Italy" in the foreign traditional and emerging  markets”. 


“It is the case of the business mission dedicated to the ASEAN countries that was held about ten days ago in Singapore, in which UCIMU participated with the purpose of establishing and strengthening relationships, even commercial relations and partnerships with local players”. 

Among the machine tool suppliers of ASEAN nations, after the Asian countries that are obviously closer from a geographical and cultural point of view, Italy comes in second position, right after Germany. 

“The manufacturing industry of the ASEAN area - affirmed President Carboniero - is currently involved in an impressive process of economic growth and social progress. The Italian machine tool manufacturers may be not only suppliers of solutions and technologies for the users of this area that has already been buying Italian technology for years. They can also become partners of local manufacturers interested in a very high-quality product offering, capable of being complementary to their production. In countries characterised by more dynamic growth rates, we intend to propose this model, which we already defined some months ago for the Chinese market. We are just starting, but the premises and the positive feedback on this proposal seem favourable”.  

Cinisello Balsamo, 24 April 2018


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