Italy among the leaders in 2022

Following an established tradition, the Italian sector of machine tool manufacturers plays a primary role within the international framework.

Video Made by Italians 2022

The Italian industry of sector confirmed itself, once again, as one of the main protagonists of the international scenario where it was fourth in the ranking of production, export and consumption.

In 2022, the Italian production of machine tools, robots and automation systems stood at 7,280 million euro, showing a 15% rise versus 2021.

Consumption grew by 26% to 6,311 million euro, due to an increase, both in the deliveries to the domestic market (+21.6%, 3,812 million euro) and in imports (+33.3%, 2,499 million euro). The market share covered by imported machinery accounted for 39.6%.

In 2022, exports were also on the rise, reaching 3,468 million euro, i.e. 8.5% more than in the previous year. The export/production ratio went down from 50.5% in 2021 to 47.6% in 2022. The balance of trade decreased by 26.6%, amounting to 969 million euro.

The positive performance registered by the Italian industry of the sector had a favourable impact on the utilisation rate of production capacity, whose yearly average went up considerably, going from 80.2% in 2021 to 86.6% in 2022.

The order portfolio was also on the rise, achieving 8 months of guaranteed production versus 7.3 months in the previous year. Machine selling prices increased by 8 % compared with the previous year.

The sector turnover reached the figure of 10,482 million euros.


Data processed by Economic studies department of UCIMU