2021: Italian Export

In 2021, Italian exports of machine tools grew (+12.2%) to 2,945 million euros.

The quarterly performance was particularly positive in the first half of the year (+6.4% in the first quarter and even +49% in the second); then growth slowed in the third quarter (+4.8%) and almost zeroed in the fourth (+0.7%).

Exports to the European Union grew, +15.4%, to 1,321 million euros. Germany was the first market, not only at European level but also worldwide, with 353 million (+22.2%). This was followed by Poland (177 million, +23.5%), France (176 million, +11.3%), Spain (99.2 million, +4.4%) and Austria (61.8 million, +6%).

Sales growth in the rest of the European continent was very similar (+13%), for a value of 410 million. Exports grew significantly in Turkey (129 million, +28.7%); on the other hand, they remained almost unchanged in Russia, which, with 103 million (+2.9%), was ahead of the United Kingdom (68.9 million, +16.8%).

Sales in North America fell to 457 million (-4.8%). In 2021, the United States lost the record in the ranking of the target markets of the Italian offer in the sector, buying Italian machine tools for "only" 336 million (-10.1%). Exports of made by Italians also fell in Canada (41.2 million, -7%); instead they grew in Mexico (79.6 million, +28.1%).
Positive results from South America, which more than doubled purchases from Italy (113 million euros, +108.8%). First places went to Brazil (75.6 million, +102.9%) and Argentina (9.4 million, +108.4%).

Exports to Asia, the second most important market for made by Italians, also grew (+8.7%) to 528 million. Of the total exported to the continent, the largest part was destined for East Asia, which bought Italian machine tools for 318 million euros, +7.2% compared to 2020. In the face of substantial stable sales on the Chinese market (228 million, +1.7%), deliveries grew in South Korea (33.8 million, +54%), Taiwan (26.9 million, +2.2%) and Japan (23.1 million, +7.2%).

Exports also grew in South Asia: +6.2%, for a value of 84.8 million; in the area sales in India dominated (79.6 million, +15%).

The Middle East increased its purchases of Italian machine tools to 87.1 million (+23.3%). Data for the ASEAN area are not good, where sales fell by just 37.9 million, -1.6%, but the figure is significant because it shows an opposite trend compared to other areas of the continent. 

Direct exports to Africa grew by 13.3%, to 72 million.