The Forecasts for 2022

As can be seen from the forecasts prepared by UCIMU’s Centro Studi & Cultura di Impresa, the growth trend will continue in 2022. 

Production will amount to 7,150 million euros, 13% more than the previous year, marking a new record in the history of the Italian industry.

Consumption will grow to reach a record value of 5,670 million euros (+13.2%), driving the deliveries of manufacturers on the domestic market that will get a new record, reaching 3,520 million euros (+12.3%). Imports will also rise to a value of 2,150 million euros (+14.7%).

Exports will grow to 3,630 million (+13.6%), so as to return to the levels of 4 years ago (2018).

According to UCIMU data processing by ISTAT, in the first three months of 2022, the main markets for the Italian supply of machine tools were: the United States (93 million, +40.5%), Germany (62 million, -29.3%), China (45 million, -0.1%), France (40 million, +3.8%)Poland (35 million, -14.6%), Spain (30 million, +86.2%), Russia (20 million, -40.8%), Mexico (19 million, -13.1%), Turkey (18 million, -59.7%) and India (17 million, +17.8%).