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With a wide product portfolio and a history of acclaim and success, Sistemi Transfer Srl, which boasts the Riello sistemi and Riello Macchine brands, is a distinctive company in the production of numerically controlled rotary transfer machines, both of vertical axis kind (Vertimac) and of horizontal axis and bar kind (drum or trunnion), and flexible production cells (TLF).

Traditional Transfer Machines allow to produce series of different families of complex components. Horizontal axis models are designed with 4/5/6/8 stations (each can be equipped with 3 or more independent unit heads); whereas machines with bar loading system (max. bar length 6 mt.) with 8/10/12/14 stations. Vertical axis Vertimac Machines can be supplied with 4 up to 14 stations.

Flexible Transfer Machines, among which we find Vertiflex model as well, combine the high productivity of a traditional rotary transfer machine with a high level of flexibility, thanks to the rotating clamping fixtures and 2- or 3-axis machining centers. The selection is completed by the 3Dflex with 3 machining centres and 30 or 65 tool changing system.

Thanks to the experience and the know-how acquired over times, Sistemi Transfer supports the customer by advising and studying in detail the best solutions and components capable of meeting the needs of different process requirements.


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