IPROD s.r.l.

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IProd has invented iProd MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform), the latest technological innovation in Cloud, as easy to use as an App. By the implementation of a disruptive pay-as-you-go business model and free cloud version iProd MOP, as a cutting-edge industrial cloud platform, increases the productivity, quality and organization of manufacturing companies of any size, especially small and medium-sized.
The iProd MOP platform version, called iProd IoT Tablet, based on modern IoT and Cloud technologies allows simple, fast, plug&play connection of the instrumental assets installed in the production departments to iProd Cloud Professional.
iProd MOP is is characterized by its own proven value proposition:
- Enhance operational efficiency with actionable insights from edge devices to support manufacturing decisions extended to the entire supply-chain
- Drive ROI with IoT monitoring and management from the cloud to increase efficiency along the investment life-cycle
- Deploy systems easily with plug and play IoT and cloud capabilities to enable remote production and device control.
As proven results iProd MOP helps customers develop a complete 4.0 industrial system that enhances operational equipment efficiency by an average of 15% in few months.
The main features of the application include:
• automatic monitoring of the progress of orders and machining steps
• dispatch of orders
• human and material resource management
• tracking and monitoring of machined parts
• digital management in cloud of part-programs and working cycles
• determination of the total OEE effectiveness index of the single machine or of the entire interconnected company
• AI technology for predictive quality tasks.
The concept of the App, thanks to its simplicity and accessibility, draws inspiration from the approach that wants to put operators and machines at the center of the production process, with the aim of creating a space for sharing corporate information knowledge that starts f