Entreprise Autorisée à utiliser la marque
Pear was always dedicated to machine tools construction for engraving and working in which is requested an hight degree of finish; before in pantographs construction, specializing itself until to became a leader in Italy, then and up to now in numerical control machining centers dedicated to the engraving and to hight precision and hight degree of finish working.
The actual machines are used for working on moulds in temperate steel and for finishing of small objects as punches, coins of medals, electrodes for electroerosion.
Two lines of products exist
Engraving centers
Milling centers
With the engraving center we arrive with spindles until 40000 rpm, machine until 5 main axes plus spindle and until further 5 auxiliary axes. They can be enslaved with automatic tool changer devices with feed and uinloading of piece in automatic.
The working field is from 300x400 mm to 600x800 mm.The milling centers arrive until 24000 rpm, 1000x1500 mm, 5 working axes and automatic tool changer.