NOVISA s.r.l.

Компания Участник
Novisa, working since over 50 years in drilling field, above all in big dimensions and workpieces having big dimensions, has addressed its specialization in these fields:
. universal transportable radial drilling machines where it is able to offer machines with drilling capacity from solid 40-60-80-100 mm.
Some of these machines, like TUG 60 SN and TUG 100, are also equipped with possible arm tilting in addition to horizontal and vertical spindle orientation.
. radial drills of medium/big capacities for particular Customers, with drilling possibilities from Ø 60 to 150 and arm length from 1600 to 5500 mm
. portal drilling/milling machines in the type with fixed portal and mobile table and in gantry type with fixed bases being the last one more suitable for working pieces having remarkable length.