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Scaglia Indeva has been designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1970 and today we are the world leader in supplying state-of-the-art material handling solutions.
We supply Intelligent Devices for Handling or INDEVAs, a new generation of industrial manipulators that, together with bespoke gripping devices designed for each application, can be truly considered ‘human extenders Thanks to our wide expertise, and the advanced technology used by our R&D department, Scaglia INDEVA is able to address the need for higher productivity combined with operator safety and ergonomics.
The INDEVAs are an evolution of traditional industrial manipulators: thanks to the electronic control, an INDEVA is faster, more reactive and sensitive. Where load positioning precision and good load visibility are required or for repetitive and frequent movements, a manipulator featuring lightweight, compact design and above all true auto-balancing technology is crucial. Only an intelligent Device for handling is able to react in real-time, at the very touch of the operator, with no need for extra effort to counteract the inertia and gravity forces in the first detachment of the load from its support and in the change of direction along the Z-axis. In 2009 Scaglia INDEVA starts producing its own automated guided vehicles, the AGV INDEVA: these low cost, compact and versatile driverless industrial vehicles are suitable for carrying out different tasks such as loading and unloading along assembly and production lines according to lean manufacturing logic. Thanks to our great know-how in mechatronics the AGV INDEVA distinguishes itself for high reliability with a very good quality/price ratio. Scaglia Indeva is a technological partner of many well-renowned Companies in different industry sectors, such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Mechanics. In 2019 the Indeva Cobotics Division is born for being the distributor in Italy of Doosan Robotics and offering collaborative applications.


  • Sit-Shanghai – Ltd – Scaglia Indeva Division

    Shanghai Nanhui Industrial park #2 Building, No 269 YuanZhong Rd.
    201300 Shanghai


  • Scaglia Indeva Sarl

    215 Rue Henri Barbusse

    Телефон Tel. (+33) 1 39 19 30 30 - Fax (+33) 1 39 19 63 24


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  • Scaglia INDEVA Rus LLC

    P. Sosenskoye, 23rd km of Kaluga Highway, p. 3, floor 3, office 90-91 (“K2 Business Park”)
    108841 Moscow

    Телефон +7 (812) 4495016

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United Kingdom
  • Scaglia Indeva Ltd.

    Coney Green Business Centre, Clay Cross
    S45 9JW Derbyshire

    Телефон (+44) 1246 25 23 33 - Fax (+44) 1246 25 23 34


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United States
  • S.I.T. INDEVA Inc.

    3630 Green Park Circle,
    28217 CHARLOTTE, N.C.

    Телефон (+1) 704 357 88 11 - Fax (+1) 704 357 88 66


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  • Bastos y Cia. S.A.

    Pol. Ind. Congost Avda.Forn de La Calç s/n Nave 11-Apdo. de correos CENTELLES
    50 08540 Barcelona

    Телефон +34 938 813 680 - Fax +34 938 810 671


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