SITELMK3 s.r.l.

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For more than 25 years, the solutions and technologies made available by Sitel MK3 have helped numerous companies all over the world in the direct marking of products or DPM (Direct Part Marking). Innovation and experience at the service of quality industrial marking.

Sitel MK3 was the first company in Italy to produce dot peen – or micro-percussion – marking systems and one of the first to offer laser marking systems.
The first dot peen marker produced in Italy – the Mk3 T1 – known for its unrivalled reliability and solidity – dates back to 1990. Most of the devices installed after this date are still operating on high-productivity lines. Since then, several thousand devices have been installed worldwide.
In 2004, Sitel MK3 began to manufacture lasers for marking, constantly introducing technological developments in order to always offer our Customers state-of-the-art solutions that ensure the maximum possible reliability and quality, in line with the reputation that has always marked us out.

Today our product range includes LASER, MICRO-PERCUSSION and SCRIBE marking technologies, offering a series of stand-alone or portable products and others for integration into automated lines.

In 2003, the acquisition of the Inprotec SpA business unit, in particular the “Machine Vision” department, enabled Sitel MK3 to integrate the know-how of Data Matrix applications with existing marking expertise, making it the first company with all-round capability in Data Matrix traceability applications for the control the entire Marking, Quality Verification and Code Reading process, and a single point of reference, all to the benefit of the Customer.

Sitel MK3 is the ideal partner for your marking and traceability needs.

Our organization includes expert design professionals and technicians who are highly qualified in consultancy on advanced application solutions. Customer Satisfaction is the priority of our sales team, with the support of a group of tec