SPERONI s.p.a.

Компания, уполномоченная использовать торговую марку
Since 1963, SPERONI designs innovative solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of production of its customers all over the world.

SPERONI’s tool presetting, measurement and management systems are the top choice for leading companies in the manufacturing sector, thanks to the company’s innovative outlook and to its products’ precision, longevity, ease of use and guarantee of “Made in Italy”.

SPERONI’s presetters STP ESSENTIA, MAGIS and FUTURA, our measurement solutions and our tool management system INTELLIGO, with over 500 customizable configurations, are known worldwide for their high performance and design. All SPERONI products are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and are Industry 4.0 ready.

With over 10,000 installed systems within different sectors in over 45 countries, SPERONI is experience, tradition and also future.

SPERONI – future proof technology



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