Üye Şirket
Alleantia is a Software Company, born in 2011, internationally known for its innovative Industrial Internet of Things solutions.

Alleantia Plug&Play technology allows to connect in a few seconds any industrial machine and production line with any on-premise or in-cloud application.

The software solutions “connected by Alleantia” (installed in the IoT Edge gateway realized by leading manufacturers) integrate every machine, production plant, capital goods and industrial automation device with the web, IT applications and the new IoT applications with interfaces “ready to use”, allowing each company to realize its own "Industrial Internet of Things Plug&Play”.

The availability of IoT data, released by Alleantia, enables the ecosystem of partners "connected by Alleantia", ISVs and system integrators, to implement innovative 4.0 solutions focused on the creation of new value, new business models and new opportunities for the growth of new professional skills.

Alleantia software uses the powerful XPANGO Library of Things, which includes over 5.000 drivers for machines, controllers, inverters, and sensors from many bespoke vendors. Through the free XPANGO driver editor, OEMs and system integrators create new drivers for machines and production systems with very limited effort.

Alleantia’s famous Library of Things - which today counts more than 5000 drivers of industrial devices ready for use - recently got enriched by the new driver functionality of multimedia device (microphones and cameras) that makes possible the acquisition of audio and video files from the machines to implement Artificial Intelligence applications.

Alleantia’s innovations enabled many industrial companies to realize their digital transformation and their Industry 4.0 projects by reaching high levels of IoT Apps, such as predictive quality and predictive maintenance applications.