İşareti kullanma yetkisi olan şirket
- DM and 2DM straight-side stamping presses up to 630 tons and speed up to 500 strokes per minute
- 2DMhs high speed presses up to 800 strokes per minute, up to 630 tons dynamically balanced designed for the production of laminations
- DMR straight-side drawing presses up to 3000 tons, with slow motion, knuckle-joint, link-drive or esadrive, SERVOPRESSES
- KE horizontal presses for extrusion up to 2000 tons for production of aluminium tubes and cans
- DC4 fin die presses 4 columns 4 points for the productions of aluminium fins for heat exchangers
- Blanking lines especially designed for high tensile-steel
- Double acting presses for the production of cans and deep drawn parts
- BALCONI manufactures also its own electronic feeders up to 1850 mm band width and feeding lines including decoilers, straighteners, shears, quick-die change systems all integrated in the PLC of the press