COSBERG s.p.a.

Üye Şirket
Since 1983 Cosberg is a reference reality in mechatronics, robotics and special assembly solutions, studying, designing and building machines and modules for the automation of assembly processes: rotary tables, linear machines with free pallets, robotic systems integrating the latest technologies, such as laser welding, oil and grease dosing, vision systems , leakage and flow tests, mechatronic axes ... but also a range of standardized modules: circular and linear vibratory feeders, slides and screwing, insertion, drilling and tapping units, pick&place arms.
The core business is based on tailor-made, fast, reliable and flexible solutions, suitable both for assembling complex parts and very small units.
Machines destined for various sectors including: automotive components, furniture accessories, electrical, electronic, medical, cosmetics, household appliances parts, eyewear, jewelery, watchmaking, fashion accessories.
Thanks to specific data monitoring software, Cosberg machines can be controlled remotely from all devices in a simple and intuitive way (PC, smart phone, tablet ...).
Hence the need to design Intelligent Factories right around these plants, creating machines that are always faster, more flexible, configurable and easy to use, even by people who do not have technical skills, proceeding by acquisitions and activating new services for customers, such as training and assistance. The strategic goal is to limit production downtime: installation in just two days, ramp-up in no more than 4 hours, production change in maximum 30 minutes, easy and quick maintainability, objective and productive testing, staff training and remote assistance.
Cosberg is today a Group of 110 People, with an average annual turnover of over 22 million Euro, 70% of exports, three foreign branches, four subsidiaries. It invests over 10% of turnover in innovation and R&D: an important and constant actibity that has led to the registration of several patents.



    CNPJ: 04.353.144/0001-82 Rua General Socrátes, 216 - 15º andar - sala 157
    CEP: 03632-040 Penha de França - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

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