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Graziano Tortona S.r.l. since 2000 is part of the Gildemeister AG Group.
Graziano was founded in 1940 and started its activity by producing conventional horizontal lathes. The production of CNC lathes, which today covers the complete Graziano production, started already at the end of 70´s.
Nowadays Graziano relies on a program of high-tech CNC horizontal lathes with high performances obtained thanks to innovative solutions: the application of integrated brushless electrospindles and digital numerical controls.
The sales program includes: horizontal CNC lathes (CTX series) for turning operations on small and medium batch sizes with turning diameter from 200 mm to 600 mm and turning length up to 2000 mm; and horizontal CNC turning centres (TC series) with turning-milling spindle, which perform complex machining of components, including all boring and milling operations on medium and large batch sizes for bar working up to 100 mm.