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Mitsubishi Electric, with 100 years of experience in production, sales and marketing of electrical and electronic devices, is widely recognized as a leading company at international level. Mitsubishi Electric products and components are utilized in many fields: information technology and telecommunications, space research and satellite communication, consumer electronics, technologies for industrial application, energy, transport and building. In line with the spirit of its corporate statement “Changes for the Better” and its environmental motto “Eco Changes”, Mitsubishi Electric aims at becoming a leading green company worldwide, contributing to wellness of community thanks to its technology. With over 142,000 employees in the world, Mitsubishi Electric in the past fiscal year ended on March 31st 2021 reached a total turnover of 4,191.4 billion Yen (37.8 billion USD*).
Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation & Mechatronics CNC
In Europe it is present since 1969 with branches in 18 Countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom. The Italian branch, established in 1985, operates through 3 commercial divisions: Air-Conditioning – air-conditioning for residential, commercial and industrial real estate, heating, de-humidification and air treatment; Industrial Automation and Mechatronics – systems and appliances for industrial automation and numerical control; Automotive – systems and components for control of car and motor vehicle devices.
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(*approximate rate of Exchange: 111 Yen - 1 USD. Source Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on 31.03.2021).