SIR s.p.a.

Üye Şirket
SIR - Corporade Mission

Problem Solver – System Integrator

SIR can satisfy all specific needs with the most suitable solution in any manufacturing sector:
Automotive - Engineering - Aeronautics - Pharmaceuticals - Plastics - Ceramics and Sanitary fittings - Logistics - Food.
From simple tending and handling units through to large assembly and process plants, for every field of application SIR’s aim is to identify the idea, the solution and the technology needed to ROBOTISE the technological process.

SIR – Corporate Philosophy

SPEED: in its response to the clientele’s needs; in the search for innovative, functional solutions; in the construction of the systems ordered; in the after-sales service system.
PRODUCTIVITY: in the reduction of down-times; in the efficiency of production lines; in finished product quality; in compliance with production plans.
FLEXIBILITY: in use, for every system produced; in retooling, at each production change; in programming, with a user interface anyone can use; in investment, with the versatility of latest-generation robots, allowing reuse in different applications.
RELIABILITY: in operation, thanks to the meticulous system set-ups; in duration, thanks to the products’ excellent quality; in productivity, thanks to the efficiency of the after-sales service.
KNOW-HOW: for continuous corporate growth; for the development of new technologies; for the design of efficient, economical systems; for the solution of every problem.