Gasparini S.p.A. is the leading European company producing hi-tech machinery for the metal processing industry, specialized in roll forming line for working of thicknesses from 0.2 up to 12 mm.
The solutions generated by Gasparini allow the production of lines that for their technical characteristics innovate the traditional sheet metal working processes, bringing to the users great advantages in quality, productivity and flexibility.
Roll forming is the heart of our machines.
Our highly flexible lines integrate all ancillary technologies useful to obtain the complete product.
• Notching
• Punching
• Clinching
• Welding
• Bending
• Folding
• Cutting
• Discharging
• Handling
• Packaging
Today Gasparini rollformers are used by 1200 companies, in various fields such logistic, building, energy and automotive.
The competitive advantages of Gasparini machines are the result of a continuous research of innovative technologies, the capacity to serve the market with customised solutions and the attitude to always maintain the high standards also oriented to the implementation of new concept of eco design.