ISS srl is a Spin-Off of Politecnico di Milano founded in 2006 with
the goal to transfer to the market the results of the researches done
in the laboratory VBLab (Vision Bricks Lab) of the Mechanical
The company builds 3D machine vision systems that guides robots and
enable robotic manipulators to pick mechanical parts randomly
positioned into containers or bins.
The top product of ISS srl is called 3D-CPS and is proud of already
200 installations in manufacturing firms both in Italy and abroad.
The advantage of the system is the possibility to develop a bin
picking system without the need to write code but simply describing
the robot cell to a configuration module using a graphical user
The 3D-CPS solution has been fully developed by ISS including both the
3D scanning systems and the software.
The system could be applied to every manufacturing plant to pick parts
randomly positioned in bins in order to provide them to construction,
assembly or treatment machinery.
The main features of the system are:
look: 3D-CPS includes a 3D scanner based on laser triangulation or
structured light that is able to generate a 3D model of the parts
inside the bin;
find: a 3D based pattern matching algorithm allows to recognize and
locate parts also in case of partial occlusions;
choose: among all the parts found the system chooses the best one to
pick according to rules like for example the spatial uniformity of the
filling of the bin, the absence of superpositions, the possibility to
reach the part, pick and remove it safely and without collisions of
the robotic arm.