LOSMA s.p.a.

Since 1974 Losma S.p.A. designs air and coolant filtration systems for machine tools. Thanks to a 40-years-know-how, and through an efficient technical assistance service, LOSMA is able to assist customers from design to turnkey installation directly to the market. For this reason, Losma S.p.A. is an International Leader in the market and can supply complete solutions both in air and coolant filtration, taking care globally of problems coming from machine tools pollution.
Many of the proposed solutions have unique features and highly innovative contents, covering over 95% of plant design requirements in the sector
The company distributes worldwide, it exports in more than 60 countries through a capillary distributors’ network and controls directly the most important markets with four subsidiaries in Germany, India, UK and USA; and is famous for efficiency, reliability and modularity.
Founded with the mission of making the workplace a healthier place, LOSMA S.p.A. is today a company with a strong eco-friendly identity and is committed in the research of new solutions to support companies in preserving the environment.
Losma S.p.A. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015



    Siemens Strasse 14/3
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    Plot. no 12, Gat. no. 63 Shindewadi, Tal Bhor Dist.,
    412205 Pune, Maharashtra

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    Via Giovanni Brunero, 2 - Fraz. Cerettta
    10077 San Maurizio Canavese (TO)

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