M.A.U.S. ITALIA s.p.a.

Our core business is the design, manufacture and sale of tools machines for the production and maintenance of heat exchangers, condensers, refrigerators and boilers in chemical plants, oil refineries and power plants.
At the end of the 1950s, Mr. Franco Agostino jumped at the opportunity to learn the art of manufacturing tube expanders from the expert German manufacturer Albert Otto. Subsequently, thanks to his indomitable spirit, his intuition and with the support of his wife, Luisa, Mr. Agostino founded a small factory in Italy which, a few years later, become Maus Italia. In 1972, Maus Italia opened its new headquarters and laid the foundation for the development that is now being carried on by his son, Mr. Stefano, a mechanical engineer who, since 1976, has successfully devoted all his energies to bring Maus Italia to the pinnacle of the field in Europe and worldwide. A functional working environment, PCs, CAD, computer-controlled production, a big warehouse and CNC machines work in conjunction with young and talented technicians whose enthusiasm and skills create a winning combination allowing Maus Italia to be a world benchmark in the field.