Founded in 1978, Prima Electro S.p.A. is the electronic division of Prima Industrie Group, company listed in the STAR segment on the Italian Stock Exchange. Prima Electro is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company based in Italy that designs, manufactures and sells industrial-grade electronics. Prima Electro is active on different markets with its three Business Units, namely DOTS, OSAI and Convergent Photonics. Thanks to its OSAI CNC product family, a leader in the field of wood, glass, stone and special metal working machines, PRIMA ELECTRO S.p.A. is today Italy’s main manufacturer of computerised numerical controls. In metal, woodworking, plastics, glass and stone machining, OSAI drives the most advanced motion control evolutions in terms of technology, costs optimisation and product customisation.
With over 60,000 CNC applications installed worldwide to date, OSAI has taken the modularity and precision of CNC systems to new standards in partnership with numerous machine tool builders, while encased with a single vision synergy to constantly enhance and evolve the products and techniques currently available.


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