PROTEK s.r.l.

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Protek CNC manufactures innovative milling and cutting CNC machines.
Born in 1996, the Protek catalogue evolved and it is now made of 5 cnc machines, available in different sizes.
UNICO TT is the multifunction cnc machine for rigid and flexible materials. Fast and precise, is a machine dedicated to the light industry, visual communication, packaging, gaskets productions, rubber cutting and plastics.
UNICO CNC is a milling machine with great performances, dedicate to plastics aluminium and composites milling, It is a user friendly machine dedicate to the light industry and to the composite industry
FRESAT is a versatile milling machine from Protek CNC. It is the best selling machine for the composite industry, high pressure laminated industry and aluminium industry. There is also a specific version dedicate to foam packaging and vermiculite CNC processing.
COMPACT and CONCEPT are high precision and high productivity CNC machines. They are the best choice in sector where high productivity and accuracy are very important.