SAPORITI is an Italian Company with a lot of experience which design, manufacture and install machine tools since 1946.
All our machines are constantly kept up to date with the latest technology available on the market and always offering a customized high performance, quality, reliable machines.
The export is more than 90% especially in Europe, America and China.

Today we are world well known leader in the manufacturing of:
- Ball valve grinding machines suitable for the grinding of ball of valves in steel or coated by satellite, ceramics CBN, Nickel-Boron alloys or others materials. These machines arein different ranges from 1” to 72” (2550 mm OD).
- Thread milling and whirling machines for screw manufacturing. These screws are for plasticizing machines as extruder and injection moulders, pumps and compressors. We have models with end mills, disc cutters and whirling units. We have our own screw software SAPOVITE to assist with programming.
- Deep-hole drilling-boring-honing-rolling machines. There are different models with rotary workpieces for single holes or fixed also for the complete manufacturing of twin screw barrels. There is the possibility to have controlled boring tools for internal profiling (bottle boring)

The Company philosophy, from the beginning, is giving high quality machines with the best quality material and technology at the best price to give productivity advantages and to assure our Customer to be really competitive in the Market.