VACCARI s.p.a.

VACCARI Spa has been specialised in forging processes for more than 70 years and occupies a prominent position in this field. The Company produces 1000 to 100000 kN screw presses, well-known all over the world for their strong and resisting components, high blow energy, reliability and quite easy utilisation, that assure extreme economy and output rate in operations. The VACCARI machines are used for cold and hot forging of steel, brass, aluminium and copper and this means they can be usefully employed in the forging, for example, of parts for motor industries, brass cored part for taps, junctions and valves, aluminium parts for air industries, motor valves, etc. VACCARI can also supply fully automatic forging lines including: induction heater, load and unload arms with automatic lubricating system of dies, screw press, different type of ejectors, dies and dies-holders.