VACCARI s.p.a.

VACCARI, partner of the Forging Industries since 1946, is leader in the world in the production of screw presses, manufactured in the range between 1.000 and 100.000 kN.
The VACCARI screw presses are highly appreciated and well-known to be heavy-duty, precise, reliable and user-friendly.
They are successfully used in several sectors, such as the Automotive, the production of parts for Trucks & Bus, for Agriculture and Off-Roads Vehicles, Construction, Oil & Gas, Aeronautics, Medical and many more.
With two types of design, mechanical and electric direct drive, four different series, twenty-seven models and the last technologies incorporated, the VACCARI screw presses are the more suitable choice for the forging of steel, brass, copper, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, nickel and other alloys for special applications, for mass productions as well as for niche productions.
VACCARI also supplies fully automatic forging lines with loading and unloading devices, automatic lubrication of the dies and robots.