VICLA s.r.l.

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High performance and customizable bending press brakes, shears and robotic cells. 100% Made in Italy.

We are the first manufacturer in Italy to have believed in the potential of hybrid technology and to have developed a full hybrid press brake.

We aim to become the reference point in this field and our goal is to spread hybrid innovation in the sheet metal bending sector, because we believe in precise, efficient and low environmental impact bending.

In a constantly evolving market, the secret to growing is to perceive in advance where the wind of innovation is blowing. At VICLA we listen to change every day and we employ professionals who with great experience and flexibility are able to grasp the signals of the market.
With one firm point: supporting creativity at every company level, because it is the key to solving new and increasingly complex problems.

Our idea of ​​the future is truly ambitious: to supply a VICLA-branded machine in every workshop in the world to fold and cut sheet metal as if it were paper. In an innovative, reliable, efficient and safe way.